OneSky Hero Annie Myers: The Sky’s the Limit

From humble beginnings in a Hefei social welfare institution, where Annie Myers spent the first few years of her life, to aspiring to work for NASA, this young woman is on a trajectory aimed for the stars.

And Kim and Tim Myers, who adopted Annie just shy of her fourth birthday, could not be prouder of their daughter. Fortunately, for Annie, a OneSky-trained nanny provided consistent love and responsive care to her in her early years in Hefei, enabling Annie’s confidence to develop and grow.

Her nanny carefully recorded her progress, every new step, and each milestone, to make a memory book that made its way with Annie to the United States, providing a testament to her tenacity and OneSky’s care.

Today, at age 13, nothing stands in Annie’s way. Encouraged by her loving mom and family, Annie is an all-around athlete, supports her local community and, one day would like to build bionic hands and robotic arms for limb-differenced children like herself.

Kim and Annie made this video to share their story and to thank OneSky caregivers for their selfless love and care. The Myers attribute the foundation in life Annie received in OneSky’s program to helping her thrive today. We know that for Annie, the sky’s the limit!

OneSky was founded in 1997 to provide high-quality responsive care for institutionalized children in China. Working in partnership with the government and communities, OneSky has trained more than 60,000 caregivers in the OneSky Approach, impacting the lives of more than 200,000 children in China’s social welfare institutions, foster families, and rural villages. We believe all children deserve an equal start in life, no matter what circumstances they were born into. Read more about our China work here.

Since recording this video, Kim’s husband, and Annie’s father, Tim Myers passed away unexpectedly. OneSky has established the Tim Myers Memorial Fund to honor his big hearted-nature, generous soul, and love of all children everywhere. 

All donations to the Tim Myers Memorial Fund will support OneSky’s early childhood programs to help ensure children like Annie continue to be given the best start possible in life.

We hope you’ll join us in honoring the life of this cherished father and husband.  Thank you.