NEWS: OneSky program to help migrant workers’ children set for expansion

NGO team joins early education experts at Hanoi conference ahead of nationwide program rollout.

Hanoi, December  4, 2019 – Progress in caring for and educating the children of factory workers in Vietnam will be among topics discussed at the upcoming Asia Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC) conference in Hanoi (December 4 – 6, 2019).

Early childhood development NGO OneSky for all children will present results of its caregiver training program, benefitting migrant children of factory workers in Da Nang, during the conference.

In 2017, OneSky opened an Early Learning Center (ELC) in the Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone in Da Nang, Vietnam.

The Center offers high quality care and early education for young migrant children whose parents work in local factories. The ELC cares for around 250 children between the ages of six months and six years and has started improving the lives of thousands more by serving as a hub for training homebased day care providers in the OneSky Approach to nurturing and responsive caregiving.

OneSky has already trained 320 home daycare providers in Da Nang to create safe and stimulating learning environments that support the cognitive and social emotional development of young children through nurturing, responsive care. 

Now, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training has asked OneSky to expand this home-based daycare provider training to 19 provinces, ultimately benefitting over 400,000 children living in industrial zones across the country over the next six years.

“Seventy percent of Vietnam’s factory workers are women and those who migrate to cities from rural provinces have challenges in ensuring their child receives quality child care and early education.” said OneSky Chief Operations Officer, Virginia Wilson.

“For most, without wider family support, home-based daycare, which often lacks infrastructure or properly trained caregivers, is the best they can afford. OneSky training teaches caregivers to create safe and stimulating learning environments. It demonstrates how nurturing, responsive care assists child development.”

OneSky has a long history of developing early childhood education programs and training caregivers. To date, the organization has trained over 40,000 caregivers to provide nurturing care to over 185,000 young children.

OneSky will host several workshops during the ARNEC Conference in Hanoi this week covering a variety of topics including Caring for the Young Children of Migrant Workers: The Training of Home-based Care Providers and Supporting Development of Children with Special Needs.