Because of You, Children have Hope

Every year around this time, I find myself looking back and thinking of the children whose lives have dramatically changed in just a few short months—each one with a bad luck beginning. Each one getting a second chance thanks to caring folks like you.

As I contemplate those thousands of magical turnabout stories, I am full to bursting with gratitude and hope. Gratitude for all you’ve made possible. And so, so much hope for the children.

Even when things seemed pretty hopeless.

Three-year-old Nili’s parents left her behind in their central China village before she could even walk.

They missed her first step, her first word. Nili’s father has never returned to the village—not even for the Spring Festival Holiday. Nili’s grandma tried to care for her while tending the fields and home, but Nili began to fall behind.

And in Vietnam…

This time last year, 4-year-old Anh spent her days trying to care for her baby sister, pretty much all by herself.

Anh’s father had to quit his factory job to undergo cancer treatment. He was too weak to give the girls more than basic care at home. Anh’s mother worked long hours at a shoe factory. There was no money for daycare. Anh, who loves to sing and dance, idled away the lonely hours singing the few songs her mother taught her, over and over again.

But thanks to our amazing family of supporters, there is hope.

This year, with a little coaxing from OneSky, Nili’s mama came back! She took our Family Mentor training, teaching grandparents and other caregivers how they can help the small children in their care to thrive.

Nili’s speaking in full sentences now. And drawing beautiful pictures of her mama and grandma and their happy home.

Also this year, Anh and her baby sister enrolled in our OneSky Early Learning Center in Vietnam. Although both girls cried on that first day of school, today they are blossoming.

Anh is learning to read and dance and has now learned dozens of new songs!

But for every forgotten child like Nili and Anh whose lives are now full of hope, there are many thousands who do not yet have the simple things that all children need to thrive.

Loving responsive care. Such a simple gift to give. And every child deserves nothing less.

With gratitude and sincere hope for a joyous holiday season,

Jenny Bowen
Founder & CEO, OneSky for all children

P.S. Please join me and give a forgotten child hope for a brighter tomorrow.
Sponsor a child who otherwise wouldn’t have that second chance. Or, if sponsorship isn’t right for you, simply make a one-time, monthly or annual donation in any amount to help children like Nili and Anh.