Mom, You Must Get Better Soon!

My wife is a very dedicated foster mother in our Family Village program.

She always puts her children first. But recently, she came down with a bad cold and the roles were reversed.

One morning, I started working early in the dining hall of the institution. Around 8 a.m., I got a call from Xinxin, our foster daughter. She was worried: “Dad, mother’s sick. She has a high fever. Come back!”

When I got there, I saw the children surrounding my wife. They were very worried, and they were tenderly caring for her. Liuliu had a wet cloth on her forehead, Xinxin was giving her water to drink, and Jingjing was looking on saying: “Mom, I don’t want you to be sick, you must get better soon!”

I smiled at the scene and asked my wife if she was ok. She said she had a sore throat and was running a small fever, but that the children were taking very good care of her!

For once, it was her turn to get spoiled with attention.