A Mama Who Loves Me

Erer has beautiful dark eyes, just like grapes. Once a tiny, preemie baby, Erer is growing up happily!

Erer is very attached to her nanny–she follows her around all day. When her nanny stays still, Erer stops and plays by herself quietly for awhile as long as her nanny stays in her sight. Erer often sweetly kisses her nanny’s cheeks and then looks around proudly as if to say, “I have a mama who loves me.” While she holds her nanny tight, the nanny pulls Erer’s nose slightly. The time Erer spends with her nanny are her most joyful moments.

Erer enjoys walking outside. She especially likes to play on the slides and swings, pick up flowers, and observe worms.

She also likes to join other children and play games with them. Look, they are playing a doctor and a nurse checking a “patient” while babbling something that does not make sense to the adults. That is really funny!