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45 Days in Da Nang

As you’ll see from the photos below that our staff sent 45 days after its official opening, the teachers and children at our Early Learning Center in Da Nang are making the most of their new, child-friendly space. And the Center is well on its way to serving as a national model that government and private partners (with our help!) will replicate across Vietnam.

Getting the classrooms ready for opening day was a labor of love for the staff, who had been trained to create a stimulating environment that enhances child development.

When the much-awaited little ones arrive, the classrooms are abuzz with activity as teachers and students begin to bond.

The preschoolers are especially excited to have their very own cubbies…

And the babies love their cuddling space….

Circle time is a great way to start the day!

And a great way to unwind before naptimeā€¦

Teachers and children take a break to enjoy a nutritious lunch.

Well rested and fed, the children are ready for arts and craft…

And for proudly displaying their work.

After inside activities, outdoor exercise is fun for students and teachers alike…

As is playing in the tea house…

And getting ready to serve tea…

Back inside, an enticing toy shelf awaits…

As does a kitchen perfect for budding chefs…

And dolls listening closely to their “teacher”!

After a day full of activity…

The children leave and it’s time for the teachers to set up for another busy day knowing that the Center has become a special place that feels like a second home!


By Debbie Cohen
Associate Director, Communications







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