Youth Service Workshop Day 1

Day One:

On August 1, 2013, all the participants of Youth Newsletter came to the conference room of Feiyuelou Hotel and began the five-day workshop. In order to get to know each other as soon as possible, we had a game of remembering everyone’s name. We were exerting all of our energy to remember names. The laughing and smile was full of the room. In this way, we began to know each other, from unknown to familiar. We had a great time.

Then, the operation director of Half the Sky, Crystal Zhang delivered a speech on the history of Half the Sky, the concept of Half the Sky and the history Youth Service Newsletter. We had a curiosity to this foundation who is giving us opportunities. She gives so many children love and care. We became so proud of being one part of the Youth Service program. Producing YS newsletter also gives us a sense of belonging and community which means a lot to us.

There is a saying that goes a successful life lies a long-term learning. We are learning while having fun! What a fantastic thing! The teacher Miss Jia is a very humorous and interesting lady. Her class is full of joy and fun.