Under OneSky in October 

After almost three years of COVID-related travel restrictions, I was finally able to visit our programs in Asia last month. What a wonderful feeling it was to once again see happy children being nurtured by OneSky’s incredible staff and trained caregivers in Vietnam, Mongolia, and Hong Kong SAR.

In Mongolia, a country particularly hard hit by the pandemic, I visited our Family Center, comprised of two gers (yurts) on a plot of hard barren ground in the middle of the vast slum that surrounds the nation’s one city, Ulaanbaatar. There, a parent told us she had never read a book to her 3-year-old daughter before attending the OneSky program because she didn’t know there was any benefit to reading to a child who was too young to read themselves. Now, she is saving up to buy her daughter books whenever she can. And a father teared up as he said that our training had helped him learn not to yell at or hit his young son. He says he now always speaks to him calmly and makes sure his son knows he is loved.

During my time with our team in Mongolia, I had an opportunity to talk with government ministers who asked for OneSky’s help, and NGO leaders who were eager to partner with us. But the most memorable conversation I had was with this sweet little boy  (pictured) whom I met at a local kindergarten where we provide programs. Despite the fact that I speak no Mongolian, and he no English, a game of “peek-a-boo” was the universal language we both understood!

As I headed back home to the U.S., I kept thinking of his smile, and I am more committed than ever to helping children like him thrive. Thank you for helping too!

With gratitude, 

Morgan Lance


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