Wenzao, Little Hedgehog – 1

When night falls in the village, a little boy named Wenzao crawls into a cozy space at the foot of […]

Children of the Villages – 3

Right after Chinese New Year, OneSky was at work in 30 more out-of-the-way, left-behind villages, launching programs for infants, preschoolers, […]

Yutong, the Artist-3

Right after Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), some of our Beijing team paid a special visit to a few of […]

Ziyuan, Little Teacher

Ziyuan sits in front of her preschool class looking out at her classmates. She has volunteered to be a “little teacher” […]

Why My Heart Is Full-3

By the time our first four village programs celebrated the one-year mark, I could see progress everywhere. The preschoolers had […]

Children of the Villages-2

It’s been a momentous time for the babies, preschoolers, parents, and grandparents in OneSky’s village model in rural China.   […]