Happy Life, JiangJiang!

Dear Jiangjiang, In one month, you will be leaving our program and joining a family. I have loved you, doted […]

Sharing Memories

Nanny Connect is only a few months old but already, we have seen many heartwarming exchanges take place between parents […]

Nanny Connect

At Half the Sky, we often get messages from adoptive families telling us how wonderfully their child is adapting to […]

Love, Nanny Wei Lian Fu

On March 25, 2013, Jill Mckinley met her son, Riyan James Cates (Guo Ri Yan), in Guangxi Province. Shortly after […]

An Unbreakable Bond

When Bosheng first entered the Infant Nurture Program, he held back when his nanny tried to play with him. Undaunted, […]

A Star is Born

For as long as I can remember, I have lived at the Xiamen Social Welfare Institution. The staff here gave […]

Eli Zheng: A Proud Boy

My husband and I adopted our son, Zheng (now Eli Zheng) from the Chongqing Children’s Welfare Institution on May 12, 2005. […]