Singapore International School Students are Longtime Supporters of OneSky

OneSky is so very grateful to Singapore International School Hong Kong (SISHK) for their long-standing and generous support which began with helping vulnerable young children in OneSky programs in China.

In 2017, a group of SISHK students set out on their community service school field trip to our China Care Home (CCH) in Beijing, which partners with welfare institutions to help young children who require medical intervention and care.

Back then, CCH had very limited staff and few resources, not even enough to take the children out to a nearby park. During their four-day stay, the students supported and helped OneSky trainers and nannies to look after the children, bringing them to places such as the Beijing Zoo and Boda Park.

One SISHK student recalled, “Before we went on this trip, we thought that these children would be subdued and lifeless. But they were energetic and lively. We saw all the love and support that they received from OneSky-trained nannies.”

“We had anticipated that although the children did not have normal childhoods, the caregivers ensured they have a fun and comfortable one, filled with love and care. Seeing the resilience in these children, despite their health conditions, inspired me to grow my own resilience. Everyone who went on the trip was thankful for this opportunity and we will continue to give back and do whatever we can do for the community.”

The SISHK students have helped OneSky raise money over the years through their student-led Charity Fashion Show, EQUINOX, which has been an annual event since 2016. The most recent fashion show took place last month and raised over HK$32,000!

SISHK students have also been busy organizing Charity Cookies Sales and Vertical Marathons, raising over HK$260,000 for OneSky to date.

From everyone at OneSky, and on behalf of the children we serve, we thank the students of SISHK. Your endless love, generosity, and support make it possible for us to train hundreds of caregivers to provide quality early care and education to the vulnerable children in our programs.

We can’t thank you enough.