OneSky Responds to Coronavirus Outbreak

OneSky is working with staff, partners and local governments to ensure the health and safety of the thousands of children, families and communities we serve.

During this time, we are closely monitoring developments in the spread of the novel coronavirus (covid-19) and following government advice and hygiene protocols across all of our programs in China, including Hong Kong, as well as Vietnam and Mongolia.

Below are some of the proactive measures we have implemented across programs. Our number one priority at this time is to ensure the safety of the children we serve, and our dedicated staff.

The orphanages in which we work have implemented closed systems to prioritize child safety. No outside visits are permitted and orphanage staff are being encouraged to stay onsite where possible, rotating their shifts.

In our Loving Families Program, long-term foster parents are able stay with the children. The parents are encouraged to sanitize their homes, measure each child’s temperature regularly and ensure children wear facemasks. Where possible, parents are providing homeschooling support to minimize the impact of missed school.

In our Village Program, OneSky family-skills mentors and preschool teachers are at the heart of community efforts to contain the disease. They are involved in village checkpoints and health monitoring and are using phone messaging to share epidemic prevention information. They are also assisting with home study and providing guidance for children’s activities.

In Hong Kong, all staff are working from home and continue to prepare for the opening of the P. C. Lee OneSky Global Centre for Early Childhood Development later this year. The Centre will be a major training and resource facility for Hong Kong and Asia.

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OneSky’s Early Learning Center (ELC) in Da Nang has followed government advice and closed. Strict hygiene protocols were implemented prior to closure. The ELC primarily serves the children of migrant factory workers who do not have family locally to help them care for their children. As such, some parents have to take leave from the factory to care for their children, creating increased economic hardship.

OneSky’s Home-Based Care training has been canceled until further notice, however, our online learning platform is providing around the clock support to child caregivers in Vietnam.

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At the time of writing, Mongolia has no reported incidences of the novel coronavirus. However, we are monitoring the country closely and have increased the hygiene protocols in our training facilities in Ulaanbaatar.

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