My XinKiang Girl

I met my mom when I was already 1 year old.

The place and people around me was so strange that I did not want my mom out of my sight, even for half a minute. After some time, I dared to go to play in the activity room with mom. In there, I learned how to stand by holding onto the toy gym to fetch for the toys I like. My mom was there all the time, giving me encouragement and applause.

Outside the activity room, I often play in the corridor and there is my favorite sliding board. I can climb up the stairs quickly and steadily. My mom always praises me for that. I also like to read books and play with the toy phone and when I play, I will pretend that I am really talking to someone. I dial the numbers and say to the speaker, “Hello there.” Sometimes I will help my mom to pick up the toys and put them away.

This is me, lovely and adorable. Happy everyday. I am proud to be my mom’s daughter.