Meet the Team: Hu Kongbao, Trainer & Regional Supervisor

Hu Kongbao had studied early childhood education in China and was working as a kindergarten teacher when she first learned about OneSky (then known as Half the Sky) some 22 years ago.

At the time, OneSky had begun partnering with welfare institutions in China and was looking to hire new teachers. Hu applied, landed a teaching job, and went on to become a OneSky Child Development Trainer & Regional Supervisor.

It was like coming full circle for Hu, as she shared best practices in early childhood care and education with OneSky’s newer nannies and teachers. Hu has never regretted shifting her career to helping vulnerable children living in welfare institutions, because of her deep sympathy for orphaned children.

From her first day on the job, she was fascinated by OneSky’s “one-of-a-kind concept of early childhood education,” which differed from her previous teaching practices in the kindergarten. She was also happy to be receiving continuous professional training from education experts at OneSky.

Now, more than two decades later, she takes pride in providing OneSky’s front-line mentors and teachers with professional support through online and in-person training and guidance. Another part of her role is to engage in ongoing conversations with heads of institutions.

“My favorite part of this job is when I can help caregivers and teachers rebuild their understanding of child education, so they are able to use effective methods to support children and bring them growth and changes!” enthused Hu, noting that her work brings her true happiness.