Meet the Future — The Toddlers!


tories like Linhao’s are all too common in China’s rural villages today. Grandparents have the double burden of trying to survive on near-worthless land while struggling to raise active small children whose parents work in faraway cities. Many age and die prematurely, in some places up to 10 years earlier than their urban contemporaries.

China is now trying to improve the situation for grandparent-caregivers and the children of migrant workers by establishing “children’s homes” in rural villages. These are not orphanages, but rather more like village community centers where children and their families can receive support services. Happily, OneSky’s Village Model already features a Family Center, a community gathering place for children and caregivers.

Now, thanks to the visionary support of a corporate sponsor and with the help of our dedicated donors, we’ll be able to work toward meeting both the government’s goals and ours, by expanding the Village Model to more villages in more provinces over the next few years.

Linhao’s future is already looking brighter!

With love always,


Linhao’s name has been changed to protect his privacy. His story is based on the experiences of children OneSky serves.

The Facts About Toddlers

  • By 18 months, toddlers are learning a new word every two waking hours. [1]
  • Toddlers learn appropriate behavior by watching those around them. Social interaction increases the speed and accuracy of learning. [2]
  • Small children whose parents talk to them frequently know 300 more words by age 2 those whose parents rarely speak to them. [3]
  • The average toddler takes around 176 steps each minute. [4]
  • Toddlers use as much energy per day as a grown adult would if she ran for 30 miles (48 kms). [5]

The OneSky Approach

Little Kids … The Best Investment You Can Make