Under OneSky in May

As the global pandemic continues to disrupt lives across Asia, we know it’s the youngest that suffer the most in times of crisis.

That’s why providing and sustaining family-like care for children at risk in all of the places OneSky works — from Guangzhou to Da Nang to Ulaanbaatar — is more critical than ever.

Life is hard for so many of the young children we serve, with most having never experienced their world without COVID. The past two years have reinforced what we know to be true – that children thrive when cared for by loving, attentive adults. So, we continue to take all that we’ve learned about building families of support for vulnerable children in China to help others across Asia.

Now we need your help to ensure the children have loving caregivers, trained in responsive care and early education, to help them through these challenging times. Because children thrive when surrounded by the love of family.

This International Children’s Day (June 1) we are launching a campaign to ask for your support of OneSky caregivers and the children during this critical period. To begin, I’d like to introduce you to one of these children, named San. As you read his story below, please know how grateful we are for the hope you give to San, and so many children like him, through your generous support of OneSky.

With gratitude,

Morgan Lance


OneSky for all children