Thanks to You, Vital Love and Care for the Children Never Stopped.

It was just four months ago but the world seemed like a very different place. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, China was on lockdown and the US was still to have its first COVID-19 case. With no idea how the virus would spread, how deadly it would be, or how long lockdown would last, OneSky turned to you for help.

With OneSky staff staying on-site in China’s child welfare institutions, providing around-the-clock care and, in remote villages, assisting with hygiene education and temperature checks, you asked us how you could help. In response, on February 16, the OneSky Crisis Fund was launched to fund vital supplies of masks, gloves and disinfectant.

Your response was as prompt as it was inspirational. Over just a few weeks you contributed US$165,000 to help fund vital supplies of Personal Protective Equipment for front-line caregivers providing loving nurture care to children in OneSky programs in China.

Our first challenge was to find much-needed but scarce supplies.

“We tried every possible way to find masks and disinfectants right across China,” said Rachel Xing, OneSky China Chief Operations Officer.

“We kept going, every channel, every possible route. We called every connection we could think of.
Eventually, we found suppliers who could help.”

Throughout February and March, OneSky donated over 200,000 masks and disinfectant to over 200 orphanages and centers providing care for young children across China.

“In a pandemic, hygiene saves lives,” said Rachel. “But for OneSky there’s more to it than that. The masks, the sanitizer, the gloves – they allowed us to continue to offer vital nurturing care. Lockdown lasted 59 days in China. For some children, those were their first days. You cannot pause love and care.”

Your generosity was also noted in a thank-you letter from China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, stating: “Love is boundless and kindness is priceless”.

“In hard times” it continued, “your organization reacted quickly and took action to donate epidemic prevention supplies to a number of child welfare institutions including those in Wuhan, Hubei province.

“This ensured the safety and health of institutionalized children and staff. So far, there are zero cases nationwide of infection among children raised in child welfare institutions and Centers of Rescuing.”

To all those who helped us during this time, thank you. Long after a vaccine is found, long after COVID-19 is eradicated, long after economies have recovered – there will be children still benefiting from the love and care they received in those dark, frightening early months of 2020. You made this happen.