20 years ago, I went to China with an idea about how to make life better for abandoned babies living in government orphanages. It was a simple idea – but I’d seen the power of loving care turn my own little girl’s life around. Pretty much everybody said I was crazy. It couldn’t happen. Not in China. Still, my heart told me it would. And so I persisted. And finally, China said yes. That was the first gift.

In no time at all, shut-down little ones came to life. Institutional behaviors disappeared. Orphanage playrooms filled with love and laughter. We watched and learned. The children became our teachers.They taught us what to do and how. And that was the second gift.

Since then, many, many more gifts… The three governments that have given us their trust. The 165,000 children whose lives we’ve touched. The 36,000 caregivers we’ve trained who go on to touch others.That there is you.

You who were there from the start. Who stood with me when it was just a crazy idea. Who joined us when we helped a child you came to love. Who found us because you share our belief that every child has potential and deserves a chance to live her dreams.

You who walk with us, are perhaps our greatest gift, because you make all the rest possible.

And so we thank you for your support this past year… for these glorious 20 years… and for all the years to come.

With love and thanks,


Ps – It’s not too late! Please do what you can to help us give more little kids a second chance.

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