PingPing Gets Strong For Her Heart Surgery

Two-year-old PingPing came to the China Care Home in the summer of 2012 for pre-surgical care—her doctors want her to be strong for the surgery she needs to repair her complicated heart defect.

When PingPing arrived, our China Care nurse checked her physical condition and it was quite stable. She didn’t talk, but she could understand lots of words and sentences. As time went on, she became more active and outgoing. When she saw someone at the door, she would run to it, stare at the person, and smile. If the person didn’t notice her, she would shout loudly to get their attention and open the door and pull their hand to invite them in. Meanwhile, just like a good hostess, she babbled.

Now after three months at the China Care Home, PingPing has established a deep emotional attachment with her foster mom–she follows her everywhere. When her mom sits on the foam mat, PingPing will sit on her lap and ask her to read pictures books with herPingPing is also willing to try new things, especially when she goes outdoors to play. She likes to play on the slide and the swing. She has such a good time that she doesn’t want to go back until it’s time for lunch or dinner.

PingPing is very neat. If rice falls onto her clothes when she eats, she will pick it off and throw it away. After she eats up, she uses a handkerchief to wipe her mouth. PingPing can put on her socks and shoes by herself. When she sees children dancing in a video, she also dances. When the staff takes pictures of the children, PingPing loves to pose and checks the camera screen to look at her picture. Then she claps happily!

PingPing also gets along well with all the children. When she sees other children in her China Care Home preschool class, she holds their hands and they go into the classroom together. Sometimes PingPing will join in a scuffle for food or toys. But when the teacher intervenes, PingPing follows her teacher’s advice and shares toys and food. When her teacher gives her snacks and tells her to give some to the other children, PingPing looks for the other children to make sure each child gets a snack.

PingPing will soon be hospitalized in late October. We hope the surgery can be successful and she will be healthier and happier in the future!