Meet the Team: Byambaa Tumen-Ulzii, Trainer

Byambaa Tumen-Ulzii began working for OneSky in 2018, when we piloted our first training program for caregivers serving young children living in the ger districts of Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar.

“I am very happy and thankful that I was lucky enough to join this organization,” said Byambaa, who lives in Ulaanbaatar with her husband and two children, who are very supportive of her work, providing family skills training to support young children living in the ger districts. The informal settlements have limited public services and are home to a growing majority of Mongolia’s migrant families with children.

Becoming a teacher had long been a dream of Byambaa, and she is now thankful that it has come to fruition. “In the past, I never realized that a child’s educational development could be formed within the family. I used to think that a child could learn and develop only if he/she went to kindergarten or school. Now I understand how important family involvement is for a child’s development,” she explained.

Byambaa hopes that one day OneSky’s reach will extend to every corner of Mongolia. “I think this wish will come true! I will do my best to help all children in Mongolia.”