Jiaao’s Biggest Cheerleader

I met Jiaao when he arrived at the institution, just a few days after being born.

He had a chubby face, bright eyes and I was so proud to be his nanny. I showed him off to everyone and said: “Look at my cute little baby boy!”

But as time went on, I noticed that Jiaao was not reaching his developmental milestones. When other children were learning to crawl, Jiaao still needed my help to turn over, and he would often stay on the mat, not moving except to look up at me once in a while.

I worried. So I spent every minute I could with him. I started giving him massages every day and I played games with him, to help him learn to turn over from his back to his stomach.

I became his personal cheerleader. In the Infant Nurture room, everyone could hear me cheering constantly: “Come on, Jiaao, come to me, nanny is waiting for you!” or “Baby, you are the best!” Jiaao loved this and would make extra efforts to come to me. Each time, I rewarded him with a giant hug!

My encouragement worked and slowly, Jiaao caught up. Today, at the age of two, he can play with his friends and everyone is amazed at the progress he has made. Everyone but me that is.

I always knew he could do it!