From Buenos Aires: Wonderful News for the Children!

In the 20 years OneSky has been spreading the word about the importance of early childhood development (ECD), we have celebrated many milestones.

In 2005, we celebrated an historic milestone for China’s orphans when for the first time the government declared in Beijing that nurture and individual attention are as important and basic to the welfare of orphaned children as food, shelter, and medical care.

Today, we are celebrating an historic milestone for the world’s at-risk children where for the first time, G20 leaders from 19 countries and the European Union have announced in Buenos Aires that they are prioritizing quality, sustainably financed early childhood programs as a “means of building human capital to break the cycle of intergenerational and structural poverty, and of reducing inequalities, especially where young children are most vulnerable.”

During this giving season when we ask you to help us sustainably finance our quality, early childhood development programs, join us in celebrating G20 declaration #14 from Buenos Aires as the beginning of a new era when early nurture and responsive care are recognized as crucial for the trajectory of every child’s life and the future of our world.