Children with Bad Luck Beginnings Start Year of the Pig with Love

In China and throughout much of Asia, the Lunar New Year is a special time spent with family – but what about children abandoned at an early age?

Or children in remote parts of China whose moms and dads work hundreds of miles away in factories? Some may finally enjoy brief longed-for visits. But too many others will receive the unwelcome news that parents won’t make it home this year.

Thankfully for children cared for by OneSky trained caregivers, there will be love, laughs and lots of fun, whether or not their parents can be with them. Dedicated staff will rotate leave during the holiday, so no child will feel alone.

In remote rural areas, where OneSky runs its village program, up to 85% of adults have left to find work, many leaving children in the care of grandparents. But while villages have been decimated, communities are pulling together.

OneSky is helping facilitate village gatherings and community projects. This Lunar New Year that will include parties in 30 villages. They will ensure a New Year filled with fun and love for children and a spirit of mutual support for those who care for them.

Meanwhile in orphanages where OneSky caregivers help offer daily nurturing care to ensure children grow up engaged, valued and with a sense of self-worth, activities have already begun.

Children and adults are working together to decorate rooms, corridors and gardens with red balloons and lanterns. Red leaves are even being added to trees to mark the imminent arrival of Spring.

The celebrations also includes learning and performing songs to an appreciative audience of friends, caregivers and visitors.

OneSky Founder and CEO Jenny Bowen explained:

“At the heart of our work is the concept that our world has enough love to share. This is never more evident than during Lunar New Year celebrations. Whether it’s orphanage staff ensuring this is still a special time for children without families or people coming together in rural villages.

“Perhaps most heartwarming of all is seeing our Loving Families foster parents celebrate. Many started fostering after their own families had grown up and left home. As adult offspring return for the festivities, fostered children are suddenly part of a big, happy family event.”