Tang Jie, Our Little Star

It was June of 2011, Children at school were studying hard for the final exam. Three directors from Chongqing Children’s […]

Even the Apples That Night Tasted Sweeter

When 7-year-old YanYan joined our family two-and-a-half years ago, she was completely unresponsive to us. Although she showed interest in […]

I Will Keep on Walking

I have a round face, with pink-and-white cheeks and a pair of clear big limpid eyes. I am Qin YaJie. […]


XiaoMei is a one year and three months old girl from Baotou welfare institution. She was born with anal atresia […]

HuaYang Cheers Up His Friend

Huayang is a five-year old boy who is full of joy. You can always spot him on the playground, skipping […]

We Are All Happy to See Your Change

When the teachers talked of YiHao, they usually gave comments like “crybaby, shy and introvert…”. YiHao was often found behind […]

Changing the World One Person at a Time

My husband and I were a part of your 2009 build in Harbin, and I just wanted you guys to […]