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Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”)
OneSky Foundation Limited (CR No.: 1031802) (“OneSky”) takes your privacy very seriously. OneSky is bound by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (“PDPO”) and other applicable laws protecting privacy, and we would like to explain to you our policies relating to our collection and use of personal data.

Purpose of collecting personal data. OneSky collects and uses your personal data:

  •  to process donations and other payments, and to issue receipts to you;
  •  to promote fundraising activities and events of OneSky group entities;
  • to send you direct marketing materials from OneSky in print and in electronic form;
  • to facilitate communications with you and to assist with your queries;
  • to process your feedback to our services;
  • to fulfil other purposes directly relating to the above; and,
  • to the extent required by law.

If you choose not to provide certain personal data to OneSky, then we may not be able to provide you with the information or services you require.

Types of personal data OneSky collects. OneSky collects the following types of personal data:

  • your contact information such as your name, telephone numbers, email address and home address;
  • your business information such as company name and business title;
  • your credit card and/or bank account information; and,
  • Your photographs and/or videos (if provided to us).

Transfer of personal data. OneSky will keep your personal data confidential and only authorized staff members will have access to and handle your personal data. OneSky may disclose or transfer your personal data to parties within or outside Hong Kong for the above stated purposes of collection, as follows:

  • to vendors and suppliers that provide fundraising services such as content, mailing, printing, telemarketing, donation, payment processing, data processing and other related services;
  • to OneSky’s subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • to contractors, agencies, and service providers engaged in activities on behalf of OneSky; and,
  • to where you have otherwise consented.
    Please note that some of the persons to whom we disclose personal data are situated outside Hong Kong (in particular in the United States and other jurisdictions in which other OneSky entities are based).
    OneSky may disclose your personal data when authorized or required by law and in response to requests from law enforcement agencies, government departments or regulatory authorities.

Direct Marketing. As discussed above, OneSky will use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, but for these purposes we will only use your contact information such as your name, address, phone numbers and/or email address and only upon receiving your consent to such use.

Access, correction, queries and retention. You may at any time request a copy of your personal data or that your personal data are updated, corrected, or deleted by contacting our Privacy Officer. You may also contact our Privacy Officer if you have any other queries or complaints with respect to our privacy policies or practices. As permitted by the PDPO, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for complying with your data access request. When you request access, we may need to take measures to verify your identity. You may contact us at:

OneSky Foundation Limited
G/F-2/F Wing Shing Buidling,
25-35 Castle Peak Road,
Sham Shui Po,
Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 3598-9338
Fax: (852) 3619-7559 Email:

OneSky will not retain any of your personal data for any longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data were to be collected, to be used, or for a directly related purpose. Your personal data that is no longer required for any of the above stated purpose will be destroyed.

Privacy Policy. Please refer to OneSky’s Privacy Policy at to learn more about how we handle your personal data.
In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English Version and its Chinese translation, the English Version shall always prevail.

  • Version: January 2020

收集個人資料聲明(“ PICS”)
OneSky Foundation Limited(公司註冊號:1031802)(“ OneSky”)非常重視您的個人私隱。 OneSky受《個人資料(私隱)條例》 (第486章)(“ PDPO”)和其他適用於保護個人私隱的法律約束,我們想向您解釋OneSky收集和使用個人資料相關的政策。


  • 處理捐贈和其他付款,並向您開具收據;
  • 促進OneSky的籌款和其他相關活動;
  • 向您發送印刷和電子形式的直接營銷材料;
  • 促進與您的交流並協助您的查詢;
  • 處理您對我們服務的反饋;
  • 實現與上述直接相關的目的;與及,
  • 在法例要求的範圍內。如果您選擇不向OneSky提供某些個人資料,則我們可能無法為您提供所需的信息或服務。


  • 您的聯繫信息,例如姓名,電話號碼,電子郵件地址和家庭住址;
  • 您的企業信息,例如公司名稱和企業名稱;
  • 您的信用卡資料及/或銀行帳戶信息;和,
  • 您的照片及/或視頻(如果有提供給我們)。

OneSky將保密您的個人資料,只有經過授權的工作人員才會處理您的個人資料。為了上述的收集目的,OneSky可能將您的個人資料披 露或轉交予香港境內或境外的各方,具體如下列:

  • 向提供籌款服務的供應商,包括但不限於內容,郵件,印刷,電話推銷,捐贈,付款處理,數據處理和其他相關服務;
  • 至OneSky的子公司和關聯公司;
  • 給代表OneSky從事活動的承包商,機構和服務提供商;和,
  • 轉至您已另行同意的第三方。



如上所述,OneSky會在獲得您的同意後,將您的個人資料及聯繫信息(例如您的姓名,地址,電話號碼和/或電子郵件地址)用於直接 營銷目的。


您可以隨時聯繫我們索取您的個人資料副本,或者要求更新,更正或刪除您的個人資料。如果您對我們的私隱政策或做法有其他疑問 或投訴,也請聯繫我們。根據「個人資料(私隱)條例」的許可,我們可能會根據您的資料處理請求收取合理的費用。當您請求查詢 資料時,我們可能需要採取措施來驗證您的身份。

OneSky Foundation Limited
香港九龍深水埗 青山公路25-35號

我們保留任何個人資料的時間將不會超出現實所需要用於收集,使用或其他直接相關目的所需的時間。在上述目的中不再需要的個人 資料將會被銷毀。