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Jenny Bowen
Founder and CEO

On a rainy day in 1997 when we met our little daughter, Maya, I began to learn what it means to a child to live a life without love. Just a year later, I looked out my window and saw our beloved toddler romping in the garden, so full of life and joy, looking for all the world like she’d always been adored. I suddenly understood just how resilient young children can be, and at that moment, I resolved to do whatever I could so that no child

Rachel Xing
Chief Operations Officer

“As the mother of a beloved daughter, I feel for orphans in China. I have been to dozens of orphanages where the children’s need for love or even a hug reminds me that we need to do more for them. If I can do one tiny thing to help children smile, I will.” Rachel received her BA and master’s degrees in Mainland China and Hong Kong respectively. She then moved to Canada where she received her second bachelor’s degree, a BS, worked in the telecomm industry, and volunteered for associations that helped new immigrants settle in Canada.

Janice Cotton, PhD
Chief Program Officer

“I first learned of OneSky in 1998, shortly after adopting our daughter.  In 2001, because of my background in child development and education, Jenny invited me to train our first nannies in China and the rest, as they say, is history.” Janice has worked in the field of early childhood care and education for over 30 years as a teacher, public school administrator, child development center director, professor and research scientist, and as an education consultant for foundations, research institutions and schools. Janice, her husband Jim, and their daughter Kathryn reside in Birmingham, Alabama.

Natalie Campion
Chief Development Officer

“When you see the smiles our programs bring to orphaned children, you immediately feel the pleasure of making a real tangible difference in the lives of others. Love is the best gift we can give.” Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Public Relations and has spent her career working in marketing and fundraising as a consultant with many charities. Natalie is an award-winning director of capital campaigns that have raised tens of millions of dollars for projects across Australia and beyond. She resides in Hong Kong with her husband Myles and three children.

Patricia King
Chief Communications Officer

“When my husband and I adopted our daughter Anna from China in 1995, we knew, like all new parents, that our lives would never be the same. What we didn’t know was how inextricably our daughter would tie us to the country that gave us the best gift imaginable, and to the children left behind.” Using skills she acquired as a reporter and bureau chief at Newsweek Magazine and with technological support from her husband Harold, Patricia writes, edits and oversees development and distribution of OneSky communications materials.  She holds a BA in English from Northwestern University.

Carol Kemble
Chief of Global Partnerships

“I volunteered on my first build in 2000 and came home knowing I had to be a part of this extraordinary group. Since, my passion and dedication has continued to grow.  Every day I think how fortunate I am to do something so meaningful.” Carol joined OneSky as Building Director and has made countless trips to China, often accompanied by her two China-born daughters, Tai and Ava.  She is now applying her business background (sales, training and marketing), love of adventure and passion for making a difference to OneSky’s mission to reach the world’s most vulnerable children.

Wen Zhao
Chief Staff Development Officer

“I truly believe that all children can learn and transform their lives because I have witnessed it over and over in my work at OneSky. These moments watching children grow and change have been some of the happiest of my life.” Wen Zhao is a native of Hangzhou, China. She received her doctorate in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US. She joined OneSky in 1999 and has extensive teaching and research experience in early childhood education as a teacher, teacher educator, and researcher in the United States and in China.

Sandy Wang
Chief Technology Officer

“In 2005, I was fortunate to join OneSky as a volunteer for what became one of the most fulfilling and eye-opening experiences of my life. I saw how OneSky (and my clumsy attempts at manual labor) transformed a gloomy cement room into a colorful classroom filled with toys, beautifully painted walls, and colorful tables and chairs.” Before joining OneSky, Sandy served as director of engineering at two Silicon Valley startups, Apptera and Webjuice, and also worked at Eclipse Networks and Intel Corporation. She holds a BS degree in Computer Science and Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Emma Chen
Chief Financial Officer

“After 17 years in the corporate world, I moved from a career at Dell to OneSky. Though OneSky was just ‘one subway station away,’ for me it was like a dream come true to join an organization devoted to helping orphaned children.” Emma began her career in China at an American venture capital firm. She then went to the US, received her MBA from the University of Southern California in 2000 and worked at the Silicon Valley Bank. Five years later, she returned to China to join Dell, where she built her controllership capabilities.

Ivy Yu
Director of Design

“I was fortunate to have my mother’s nurturing love during my childhood.  When I was 19, my mother got sick and could no longer be a presence in my life.  But the foundation she laid for me in childhood paved the way for me. When I learned about OneSky in 2000, I instantly felt connected to children who had also lost their mothers’ love.” Ivy was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States as a teenager. She studied economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and maintains a strong interest in education and working with children.

Qian Zhou
Director, Global Support

“When I first learned about OneSky, I was amazed that a group of foreigners were dedicated to improving the lives of children in China. I asked myself, if foreigners were working so hard to help Chinese children, why wasn’t I helping? In 2004, I was happy to be given the opportunity to join OneSky and do what I can for the children.” Qian Zhou is a native of Mainland China. She studied math and computer science in China and the US and has administrative and IT experience in the private sector.

Melissa Elbirt
Director, New Media

“When I joined OneSky in 2013, I was immediately immersed in the production of our Video Resource Library. This beautiful collection of training movies strives to inspire caregivers to foster the development of their orphaned children through the magic of responsive care. Having had the incredible fortune of growing up in a loving family, my work at OneSky has provided me with the opportunity to honour the precious gift that life has given me.” Before joining OneSky, Melissa worked for years in the post-production world of non-fiction filmmaking.

Winnie Sun
Director, Technology

“My dream started when I was studying in the Netherlands; I discovered I had a passion for non-profit work. A year later, when I learned that my former boss was an old friend of OneSky Founder, Jenny Bowen, it was as if I had discovered a red thread drawing me into this family. I have been with OneSky for several years and have grown with it and am happy to work to make sure all children know that someone cares.” Winnie is a native of Beijing and received her MS degree at Vrije University in Amsterdam.

Zhang Yuxia
Administrative Director, Training

 “I worked in a social welfare institution for 37 years, and still remember my first day. When I saw the children laying on their small beds and crying, I couldn’t stop my own tears.”  Zhang Yuxia began working at the Hefei welfare institution as a caregiver in 1967. After receiving advanced training in special education and rehabilitation, she became the Director of the institution. The sole female recipient of the Hefei Provincial Government Model Worker prize, she joined OneSky when she retired in 2004. She lives in Hefei but travels all over China for OneSky.

Du Xiurong
Senior Program Director, Preschool Programs

I wouldn’t have completed my education without help from my teachers and schoolmates. They gave me a helping hand when I was a little girl in need. That’s why in 1996, while watching a television report about orphaned children, it became clear to me that I wanted to devote my whole life to helping them.” Du Xiurong started working at the Chuzhou welfare institution in Anhui Province in 1998. She first became involved with OneSky in 2001 when the Preschool Program was started at Chuzhou.  Before become director of OneSky’s preschool programs, she served as a teacher and field trainer.

Li Daoxin
Senior Program Director, Infant Programs

“I worked in an institution for 30 years, spending time with the children, getting to know them, and being impressed by them. After my retirement, I couldn’t stay away. It’s the laughter of the children and their smiles that keep me working and make me happy.” Prior to joining OneSky, Li Daoxin served as head of the infant department at the Hefei welfare institution. In 2000, when OneSky opened its very first Infant Nurture Program in Hefei, she became its first supervisor. Upon her retirement in 2004, she became field supervisor and was promoted to her current position in 2011.

Vo Thi Hien
Program Director/Vietnam

I strongly believe that every child was born with his/her own potential for healthy development. If we give them a helping hand, in time and in the appropriate way, it will certainly make a significant difference in their lives later. When I look at the children’s bright smiles, my fatigue goes away. Hien holds a BA from Danang Pedagogic University and an MA in Educational Management. Over the last 23 years, she has worked for World Vision and East Meets West foundations in the mountainous and rural areas of Vietnam. She has spent most of her life living with and helping poor and vulnerable children and women in remote communities.

Wang Weiling
Senior Program Director, Family Programs

“I’ve always been inquisitive. When I was a young girl, I climbed a tree, wanting to find out more about a nest I’d glimpsed in the branches. I saw two tiny birds looking straight back at me. From that moment, I started caring for little lives that needed tender loving care so when the opportunity arose to join OneSky, I felt it was meant to be.” Before she joined OneSky in 2007, Wang Weiling worked as a nurse, teacher, editor and with Alliance for Children where she learned about the tremendous needs of institutionalized children in China.

Jasmine Xu
Professional Development Director

“Before joining OneSky, I didn’t know anything about orphans and their lives. When I visited an institution for the first time, I saw many babies lying in their cribs and reaching out their small hands. I put my forefinger in the palm of one baby who held it for a long time, as if asking for love. I couldn’t help but cry and decided then I needed to help.” Jasmine studied English at the University of International Business and Economics. At OneSky, she has contributed to the development of 1jiaren.org, OneSky’s online community for caregivers, and worked as a translator.

Morgan Lance
Director of Development, North America

“I am passionate about helping organizations with big ideas gain the support they need to make positive, lasting change in the world and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the OneSky team!”  Morgan studied communications, earned a teaching credential, and worked in media, publishing and education before transitioning to a career in nonprofit management. For the past decade she has led fundraising and communications efforts for NGOs focused on education, conservation and animal welfare in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Jane Lin
Director of Engagement

“As a Chinese-American middle child of three daughters, I grew up hearing well-meaning relatives extend sympathy to my parents for ‘failing’ to have a son. My parents’ response was that they were blessed with their children regardless of gender. It was only as an adult that I recognized how this issue could tragically play out elsewhere. Working to ensure all children are viewed as blessings is a privilege.” Jane holds a BA degree in political science from the University of California, Berkeley and previously worked as senior philanthropic advisor at Tides Foundation and managed her own consulting business.

Ida Ahmadpour
Director of Partnerships

I feel that all children – no matter where they are – have the right to be protected, to grow up in peace, to live a life free of self-doubt and explore their boundless potential. I stand beside OneSky because of the unwavering commitment to reach vulnerable children early and show them that their words, too, carry meaning – that their lives matter. Ida is a child advocate, early childhood educator, and community health program designer. She has a Masters in Public Health (MPH), with a focus in International Maternal and Child Health from UCLA.

Heather Gleason
Director of Grants

“There is no doubt in my mind that a red thread connected my beloved daughter and I long before her adoption from Jiangxi Province, China, in 2007. And a similar red thread will forever connect our whole family to her birth country and the children left behind.” Heather feels very fortunate to be applying her development, grants, and management experience to her greatest personal passion of supporting vulnerable children and creating economic opportunities for women at OneSky. She holds a BA from Syracuse University and MPA from University of Pennsylvania.

Carmen Lau
Director Of Development, Asia

 “After graduating from college with a degree in marketing and psychology, I joined an international relief and development organization where I spend a decade fundraising for children suffering from extreme poverty. Joining OneSky allowed me to bring loving care and hope to vulnerable children in my own motherland. I am grateful I have found my life’s purpose.” Carmen is from Hong Kong but spent 10 years studying and working in Melbourne, Australia.  Prior to joining OneSky, she worked for over a decade at World Vision. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband Boris and two daughters.

Crystal Zhang
Director, Operations, China

“Children are like a treasure box full of surprise and secrets. NGOs have always been intriguing to me and I’m proud to be part of a team that opens these small boxes and allows them to shine. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities OneSky has provided for me, and looking forward, in my work, to meeting other like-minded people!” Crystal joined OneSky in 2010. She has a business and media learning background and has also served as an Executive Assistant and Program Coordinator.

Daphne Feng
Senior Manager, Online Learning

“Working with vulnerable children, observing them, helping them help themselves and learning from them has already made my life extraordinarily significant.  These beautiful little angels make miracles of their lives and prove that every child has infinite potential. I feel so lucky and proud to work at OneSky.” Before joining OneSky in 2008 as an Infant Nurture field trainer, Daphne served as a local representative of Chinese Children Adoption International for twelve years. She majored in English and is committed to studying Montessori education systematically and in-depth by taking professional training courses in her spare time.

Cathy Chan
Manager, Global Finance

“In April 2015, my second daughter came into the world. I love my two girls. As the same time they are lucky to have family.  So often I tell my elder daughter not every child can be so lucky as she. I am thankful to be able to work at OneSky and feel that I need to educate my daughters to help other people in need.” Cathy joined OneSky Hong Kong in 2008 and assumed her current role in January 2013. Before she joined OneSky Hong Kong, she worked for eight years as auditor and account officer.

Karen Han
Communications Manager, China
Katie Purtill
Child Sponsorship Associate, Global
Lucia Nella
Donor Relations Associate
Ausannette Garcia-Goyette
Associate Director, Outreach & Engagement
Caleb So
Director of Partnerships and Events, Asia
Debbie Cohen
Associate Director, Communications
Julie A Roley
Associate Director of Global Partnerships
Guy Russo, Chairman
CEO Department Stores, Kmart and Target Australia

“I became a true believer when I saw OneSky nannies inside welfare institutions loving their small charges, local women smiling and cooing over their babies. It made perfect sense.” Guy joined Kmart Australia in 2008 as Managing Director and is now CEO Department Stores at Kmart and Target. After joining McDonald’s Australia in 1974, he became Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in 1999. He served as President, McDonald’s Greater China 2005 – 2007. He and his wife, Deanne Bevan live in Melbourne where Deanne serves as volunteer CEO of Half the Sky Australia.

Randy C. Belcher
Executive Vice President - Asia Pacific, Fossil Inc.

“OneSky’s programs have saved the lives of thousands of orphaned children in China and have the potential to change children’s lives all around the world.” At Fossil, Randy is responsible for leading the group’s commercial sales and distribution businesses in the Asia Pacific region and the global supply chain operations based in Asia. He sits on the boards of the Fossil Foundation (Chairman) and Helen Keller International based in New York. Randy also informally consults with social enterprises based in Hong Kong.

Peter C. Bennett
Founder, The Peter Bennett Foundation

“It is not acceptable to me that some children in this world have never been loved. Because OneSky is working with the Chinese government, I believe it has a very good chance of changing the lives of all orphans in China.” Prior to establishing his foundation, Peter started his career at JP Morgan, and then established Bennett O’Shea, a residential property investment and management company, and Gottex Fund Management. The Peter Bennett Foundation supports charitable and social impact development in China, South East Asia and Hong Kong.

Deanne Bevan
CEO (Volunteer), Half the Sky Australia Ltd

I’ll never forget visiting an orphanage for the first time and seeing rows and rows of tiny faces. I am dedicated to helping find funds and friends to bring love to all those children. During her career at McDonald’s, Deanne served as Senior Vice President, Employee Relations, Training & Development, McDonald’s Australia and advisor in the Asia region for McDonald’s Corporation USA. She holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Arts and lives in Melbourne with her husband, Guy and son, Jack.

Jenny Bowen
Founder and CEO

On a rainy day in 1997 when we met our little daughter, Maya, I began to learn what it means to a child to live a life without love. Just a year later, I looked out my window and saw our beloved toddler romping in the garden, so full of life and joy, looking for all the world like she’d always been adored. I suddenly understood just how resilient young children can be, and at that moment, I resolved to do whatever I could so that no child

Matt Dalio
CEO and Chief of Product, Endless Mobile, Founder, China Care Foundation

“As a teenager, I worked in an orphanage. I would hold a child in my arms, a child the doctor told me might die. I could do nothing or I could go home to find the money for that child’s surgery. This changed my life.” In 2000, at the age of 16, Matt founded China Care Foundation to help orphaned children with special needs in China, and currently serves as President of its Board. He is a graduate of Harvard University and holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Laura Hui
Head, Asia Pacific Investor Relations, CQS (Retired)

“After reading Jenny’s book Wish You Happy Forever, I was truly moved and wanted to help in any way I could. As a Board Member, I help achieve OneSky’s vision of giving at-risk children a chance for a secure future.” At CQS, a UK-based hedge fund, Laura was responsible for acquiring new Asia Pacific private and institutional investors for CQS’s alternative funds. Previously, she held jobs at Lehman Brothers, IBM Corporation and KPMG Canada and Hong Kong. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in International Business (Japan and China Studies) and Marketing from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Dana Johnson, MD, PhD
Professor Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota

“As a pediatrician and researcher in child development, I know institutionalized children deprived of love fail to grow normally. OneSky is the answer for this tragedy. No other organization has developed a range of orphanage interventions that prevent deterioration and help children achieve their potential.” Dana is a professor at the University of Minnesota where he co-founded the International Adoption Program. His research interests include the effects of early institutionalization on growth and development and the outcomes of internationally adopted children. He has 2 birth daughters, 3 stepdaughters and a son from India.

Melissa Ma
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Asia Alternatives

“When I adopted my son from a Chinese orphanage, he arrived with a journal full of stories and photos carefully compiled by his OneSky-trained caregivers. I knew someone else felt his life mattered and I knew I had to support OneSky’s work.” Melissa helped found one of the first Asia-only private equity fund-of-funds, which she still runs today. She received an MBA Harvard Business School and an AB from Harvard College. She also serves on the Boards of Marin Country Day School and the SF Zoo, as well as the Advisory Board of Room to Read.

Jal S. Shroff, J.P.
Former Director / Fossil Group, Inc. & Managing Director, Fossil (East) Ltd.

“I believe a child’s intrinsic need for love, security, engagement and encouragement is fundamental for normal development and to give them a chance to blossom, grow and realize their potential. OneSky gives children a chance that would otherwise be lost to them.” Born in Shanghai Jal is a long time resident of Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Pervin. In addition to his distinguished business career, Jal is a prominent business leader. He served as director of Vision 2047, was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the English Schools Foundation and President of the Kowloon Cricket Club.

Wang Zhenyao, PhD
President, China Philanthropy Institute, Chairman, Chunhui Children's Foundation

“In my work educating and training potential philanthropists, I still look to OneSky for inspiration.” Zhenyao is the Director of the new Beijing Normal University One Foundation Philanthropy Research Institute and Director of the China Institute for Social Policy. Prior to this, he served as Director-General of the Department of Social Welfare at China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and Director of Disaster Relief. In 1994, he initiated China’s first village election, sparking fundamental change in China. Zhenyao holds an M.P.A. from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a Ph.D. from Beijing University.

Stephen Chipman
Chief Executive Officer, Radius

“When my wife and I adopted our first daughter from an orphanage in Guangdong, we could not forget the children we left behind. When we found OneSky, we immediately knew how we could make a difference in the lives of these children.” Prior to joining Radius, Stephen was CEO of Grant Thornton where he helped lead the development and growth of services in China. He sits on the boards of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and World Business Chicago and lives near Chicago with his wife and two daughters from China.

F. Chapman Taylor
Senior Vice President, Capital Research International

“I was first exposed to the effects of institutionalization and the healing power of loving caregivers through my father’s life’s work in Washington DC. When I saw OneSky’s transformative efforts across an entire country, impacting thousands and potentially millions, I very much wanted to be part of that effort.” Chapman serves on the boards of For Love of Children, Microdreams and Karya Salemba Empat in Indonesia. He and his wife, Grace Boey Taylor, live in Washington DC.

Tim Huxley
OneSky Director Emeritus, Chairman, Mandarin Shipping Limited

“I grew up in a big, noisy, loving family and know how important that was in shaping my life. OneSky allows me to bring this same love of family to children.” Tim has spent his entire working life in the shipping industry starting as a trainee shipbroker with Clarksons in 1982 after graduating from Edinburgh University. The former CEO of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Ltd and Managing Director of Clarkson Asia Ltd, Tim has served as Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association and is a regular commentator on shipping issues.

Peter Rupert Lighte
OneSky Director Emeritus

As a father of two Chinese daughters, I never forgot about the children ‘left behind.’ When Half the Sky came along, I was able to do more than just think about them. Now that our model for care has been widely recognized–by the Chinese government itself–I no longer think of orphans as being left behind. They are now being helped along their way. Peter is a Sinologist and author of Host of Memories: Tales of Inevitable Happenstance and Pieces of China. He and his husband live in Princeton, New Jersey with their two daughters.

Richard Bowen
Senior Media Advisor

As a Half the Sky founding director, adoptive father, and Jenny’s husband, OneSky is dear to my heart. I’ve been deeply inspired watching the children of OneSky, how the human spirit endures and persists despite difficult circumstances. Richard has photographed 20 features and shot and directed hundreds of television commercials. He is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, the International Photographer’s Guild, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Richard authored Mei Mei, Little Sister: Portraits from a Chinese Orphanage and is the producer, writer, and director of Cinderella Moon.

Karin Evans
Executive Editor

Half the Sky, and now OneSky, has been a big part of our family’s life ever since we brought our adopted daughters home from China. Of all the organizations trying to add hope to the world, this is my favorite! Karin Evans is a longtime journalist, editor, and author. She has worked in the San Francisco and Hong Kong bureaus of Newsweek magazine; served as a writer and editor at Outside, Rocky Mountain, Hippocrates, and Health magazines; and is the author of The Lost Daughters of China: Abandoned Girls, Their Journey to America, and the Search for a Missing Past.

Mei Jiang
Senior Finance Advisor

I began working at OneSky part-time as a donations coordinator in 2003. I was moved by the stories I heard from adoptive families and became committed to making changes in the lives of those children left behind. Born in Nantong, Mei worked as a bank manager at the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank before she came to the US. She received her MBA from California State University at Hayward with a focus on accounting.  She lives in Hong Kong with her husband, Ting Lu and daughters, Mira and Nora.

Debbie Tong
Professional Development Director, Special Needs

“I am incredibly fortunate to combine two passions of mine at OneSky: my passion for the children still in orphanages ever since my husband and I adopted our daughter Maddie from Tongling in 2000, and my 30-plus years of experience as a pediatric physical therapist.” Debbie started working with OneSky in 2002, first as a nanny trainer and then helping serve the needs of children with disabilities. She received her MA in Physical Therapy at Stanford and lives in Menlo Park, California with her family.

Zhang Zhirong
Senior Executive Advisor

One morning, two decades ago, I received a long distance call from a woman in the United States who wanted to help orphaned children. From that moment, a bright red thread has linked my fate with OneSky and the children. Zhang Zhirong graduated from Beijing’s University of Foreign Languages and received an MA from the University of Michigan. She has worked as a translator, a project director for UN-supported population projects, and for the China Population Welfare Foundation.  Her work helping establish OneSky is detailed in Wish You Happy Forever.

Jeronia Muntaner
Curriculum Advisor

“How could I ever give back to OneSky what OneSky have given me? My youngest daughter was one of the first babies to receive the loving care of a OneSky Nanny in Hefei.”  Jeronia, who was born in Spain, lived and worked in China for 30 years. A Montessori Teacher Trainer, she joined OneSky in 2004 and served as our Infant Program Director until 2012. Jeronia, her husband Clinton, two daughters and a son live now in Australia.

Cindy S. Lin
CEO, Chunhui Children
Zhou Dan
Chief Program Officer, Chunhui Children
Liu Shan
China Care Home Director, Chunhui Children
Guo Haiying
Director, Special Education, Chunhui Children
Wang Li
Senior Program Director, Chunhui Children
Cheng Caihua
Finance Director, Chunhui Children
Yao Juan
Project Manager, Village Model

Year of the Mouse-3

Year of the Mouse-3

Investing in Our World’s Most Vulnerable Children

Investing in Our World’s Most Vulnerable Children

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The Rooster Has Crowed!!