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Students for OneSky
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Students for OneSky are committed to giving orphaned and neglected kids a chance at a bright future by:

Educate everyone about why you’re helping OneSky bring love and care to vulnerable children. Sign up and set a goal. All it takes is $1.15 a day to give a child a second chance at a bright future. Mentor, tutor or teach local preschoolers about our cause and help them get involved! Attend our volunteer trip. Get to meet the children your efforts impact and see our work.

Getting started is simple:

1. Subscribe and download the Students for OneSky handbook
2. Start a campus club or individual fundraiser
3. Hit the target goals to earn prizes, including a volunteer trip to Beijing!


Why I Joined Students for OneSky

“Students for OneSky not only allows you to take initiative and leadership directly in your local community, but allows you to be a part of the greater humanitarian mission…”

– Michelle Zhan, Senior, Millburn High School

“In total, I have raised $1,114.91! …It was really fun and I informed a lot of people about OneSky and our cause. I have had a really great time, and I will continue to support our cause for the rest of my life.”

– Elizabeth Phillips, 5th grade, Pine Hill Elementary School

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