OneSky 10th Annual Charity Hike


為了慶祝OneSky的慈善行山活動踏入十週年,我們誠意邀請你成為 #OneSkyHikingHeroes。你可按照自己最舒適的速度、節奏和時間表來設計你的慈善行山計劃,與弱勢兒童同行。由2021年5月13日起直至年度壓軸的慈善行山活動,於六個月期間與大家分享你行山背後的意義和成績,並籌款以協助OneSky繼續服務弱勢家庭。

特別鳴謝捐款支持「一份心意,雙重回報」的 #OneSkyHero —— 我們的行山目標是共同完成10,000公里,令善款增加一倍!今日就成為 #OneSkyHikingHeroes的一份子,帶來改變生命的影響!

Become #OneSkyHikingHeroes in celebration of our OneSky 10th Annual Charity Hike. Go hiking at your own pace, on your own schedule. In six months from 13 May, 2021 until the Grand Finale, share your hiking achievements with peers and raise funds to help keep OneSky programs going.

Thanks to your active participation and generosity, our professional and dedicated front-line caregivers can continue their critical work providing nurturing care and love to vulnerable young lives in China, Vietnam, Mongolia, and The P. C. Lee OneSky Global Centre for Early Childhood Development!
Special thanks to a #OneSkyHero, donations will be doubled when we collectively reach the larger goal of 10,000km! Be part of the #OneSkyHikingHeroes and make a life-changing difference today!

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Notes for Your Registration and Donations


OneSky 另設活動贊助類別,提供不同捐款金額及鳴謝方式以供團體、公司或學校參與活動。如欲了解更多詳情,歡迎致電 +852 2520-5266或電郵至,直接與我們聯絡。

OneSky offers sponsorship package options for the registration of groups, corporations, or schools. Please contact us directly at +852 2520-5266 or for more details.

All donations over HK$100 are tax-deductible. All proceeds from the charity hike will be donated to OneSky. Once the transaction is accepted, any registration fees, donations, or funds raised for OneSky are non-cancellable, non-refundable and non-transferable in such cases or any circumstances.

Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by adults to join the event. Each adult can only bring a maximum of two children under 12 years old.


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OneSky Hong Kong    |    |    +852 2520-5266


Technical Support (Online registration, credit card payment, dashboard login and record uploading)

FringeBacker.Events   |   |   +852 2520-5266

成為 #OneSkyHikingHeroes

Become #OneSkyHikingHeroes

拿起你的行山鞋,隨時成為 #OneSkyHikingHeroes,你便可在享受行山樂趣和大自然的同時,幫助無數弱勢兒童建立更美好的未來!無論是個人還是組團成行,你都可按照自己最舒適的步伐去完成你自由選擇的行山路線。由2021年5月13日到11月12日,就讓我們共同完成行山目標10,000公里!

Get out your walking shoes and become #OneSkyHikingHeroes! Help build a brighter future for thousands of vulnerable children while having fun and enjoying nature! Your hikes can be completed at your own pace and on trails of your choice, either individually or in teams. Starting from 13 May to 12 November, 2021, you can contribute to the target