Field Notes

MingJian’s New World of Sounds

When I first saw MingJian he was three years old and had just joined a Half the Sky preschool class. […]

Happy Children

Nine children in the institution have taken operation in Beijing and are now back to home, Urumqi. Their foster mother […]

ZhuZhu Goes To School

Although I have never seen my parents, I know that I have received no less love and care than other […]

WenSheng’s Tears

Everyone in the class was happy for WenSheng when he left for Beijing because we all knew he would be […]

My Thumbelina

Li was enrolled in our Infant Nurture Program two years ago when she was only 19 days old and weighed […]

Xiao Yang

Xiao Yang was enrolled in our program on March 12 2012. When I first met her, I found her very […]

I am Proud of Myself!

My name is XiaoNan. My left arm has been shorter than my right arm since I was born. I was […]

HanQiao Learns He too can be an Artist

My name is HanQiao, and I am 16 years old. Because I go to a class for children with Special […]

I Like This Place

When 9-year-old ZhenHao first arrived at the China Care Home, he was not happy because he didn’t want to lie […]

Children’s Day

When PengYu and ShaDan knew they could go to Science and Technology Museum on Children’s Day, they were very excited. […]