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Use of Funds

Use of Funds


The money raised this year will make it possible for OneSky to train caregivers all across China. Your support will also help us nurture the development of our babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Hefei and Wuhan, and allow us to provide much-needed support for children like Anyun who has blossomed under the loving care of her OneSky-trained nanny.

For example:

HK$200 helps provide a shelf full of books for a OneSky Preschool Library in an orphanage in China.

HK$540 helps provide an orphaned child a month of nurturing care and education essential for a bright future.

HK$2,000 helps provide four orphaned children, whose special needs may preclude them from adoption, with a month of loving care with a permanent family.

**The more money you raised, the more orphaned children in China will be transformed and impacted.