Youth Service Workshop Day 1

Day One: On August 1, 2013, all the participants of Youth Newsletter came to the conference room of Feiyuelou Hotel […]

Keeping ZiLong Warm

When ZiLong arrived at the China Care Home in March, the nurse checked his body index. He was so tiny […]

A Mama Who Loves Me

Erer has beautiful dark eyes, just like grapes. Once a tiny, preemie baby, Erer is growing up happily! Erer is […]

HeChuan & His Nanny

HeChuan was only five months when he joined Half the Sky’s Infant Nurture Program. Because he has albinism, I have […]

Six Degrees of Fun and Fundraising

Long time Half the Sky supporter, Martha Groves, recently hosted her annual “Friends Meeting Friends Ladies Springtime Potluck Luncheon” and […]

In BingBing’s Hands

I met BingBing the day she started preschool. All the other children gathered around her and wanted to shake hands […]

A Warm-Hearted Boy

Suozhu is a warm-hearted 16 year-old boy who likes math better than any other subject. This quarter I worked with […]

BoYuan: One of Thousands

This International Children’s Day, we’d like to share the story of one special child whose life has been transformed through […]

Giving Back With Love

Just like the children I care for, I am an orphan. With the help of many people, I grew up […]

An Unbreakable Bond

When Bosheng first entered the Infant Nurture Program, he held back when his nanny tried to play with him. Undaunted, […]