An Independent Girl—Zhen

I felt heartrending when reading Wang Li’s story for the first time. I thought we did a great job for […]

Growing Up

Each pain I experienced, each fight I struggled for life, each moving moment I witness during the life journey, are […]

Zhou Jing From Chongqing

I grew up without my parents’ presence. I lived with my aunt. What I knew about family at that time […]

Xia Qinhong

I’m Xia Qinhong, such an ordinary girl who lives in the Nanning orphanage. I am not smart but I get […]

My Life Story

I came to this family when I was very young. I am lucky to have such a family which includes […]

Wenjie’s Recovery

When two and a half year old Wenje returned to the institution after having surgery for hydrocephalus (a buildup of […]

Youth Service Workshop Day 5

The confident man shown before us is Frank, a wise, confident, and humorous banker. His mantra is “follow your own […]

Youth Service Workshop Day 4

On the morning of August 4, Shao Liangliang, also a participant of this workshop, showed us some tips for computer […]

Youth Service Workshop Day 3

It is an honor that we have Jeffrey Chu, from China Union Pay, to attend our workshop. Yes, you see […]

Youth Service Workshop Day 2

Day Two: We learned how to use the InDeign software which is commonly used in layout. Actually, it is quite […]